X-53 Excavator - 3D

Excavate with full potential

Connect and unleash the power of your excavator with a modern 3D control system. Guided by GNSS, you can make your grade anywhere on site without any additional set-up. The powerful LED driven control box will be your eyes and ears while our automatic GNSS receiver keeps you where you need to be.

  • Positioned by GNSS, work toward the proper design grade without any additional set-up
  • System design allows for easy component swap with other machinesDrive the system using a GX-55 control box and stay intuitively in control with optional audible alarms and vivid LED displays for accuracy and speed
  • Control the bucket using multiple heads-up display options and optionally guide by elevation reference for full site control
  • Securely send and receive latest design changes through direct connectivity into the Sitelink3D system

X-53 Excavator is perfect for:

  • Mass Excavation
  • Mass Haul
  • Site Work
  • Road Work
  • Landfill
  • Foundation and Exterior

Bucket Awareness — Project Completion

The X-53 excavator system delivers multiple guidance functions while achieving grade. Constant tracking of the GNSS constellations above pin down the excavators location with confidence and accuracy. The excavator stays fully positioned within the project site as well as the bucket’s precise location to safely grade to design. 3DMC software guides the operator to control the machine for simple usage through complex or deep cuts, blind excavations, or when working around structures.