Broadcast with Confidence

Powerful and Portable Project: Site Radio. Extending your productivity range and beyond. **

Topcon’s SRL-35 high-power UHF radio provides the signal strength you need to cover the largest of project sites. Pushing out 35 watts, the SRL-35 provides reliable signal strength in the most challenging of environments. Built to IP67 standards, the light and portable radio features a weather-protected LCD display, integrated operator keyboard, and reinforced connectors.

  • Customizable output power up to 35Watt
  • Wide operating range of 403 MHz to 473 MHz
  • User selectable channel spacing (12.5, 20 or 25 kHz)
  • Multi-function user interface
  • Automatic prevention of overheating
  • Industry standard IP67

** SRL-35 may not be available in all markets.

SRL-35 is perfect for:

  • Geopositioning


Using the high-powered Topcon SRL-35 external radio, you have the complete solution to effectively maintain UHF radio communication for today’s largest of project sites. Built for performance and efficiency, the SRL-35 is equipped with a completely weather-protected LCD display can be used in any environment. Standing tall, multiple radios can be configured and used and broadcasting mobile setups combined with repeater options to push distance limits even further.