Dozing without limitations: Sharpen your cutting edge

Redefine the capabilities of your dozer. The 3D-MCMAX system uses MC2+ IMU Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) sensors that enable you to blade faster and smarter, without the need of a mast. The increased response time with our MC2+ IMU’s working together enables you to make tighter turns, cut smoother grades, and expand your work potential beyond normal automated dozing applications.

  • Grade on any slope with rapid blade response times
  • Mastless, no more daily set up and take down procedure
  • No blade bouncing
  • Single or dual antenna configurations
  • Supports 4-way, 6-way, fixed and pitch enabled blades
  • Perform detailed as-builts with “bottom of the track” data

The 3D-MCMAX is perfect for:

  • Mass Excavation
  • Mass Haul
  • Site Work
  • Road Work
  • Landfill


This modern system builds upon our technological innovation to deliver the most versatile dozing experience available. With the The 3D-MCMAX your GNSS antennas are safely mounted on the roof of the cab, allowing the operator to doze at full throttle with an unobstructed view.

Get your work done right no matter how complex the environment may be – and with the MC2+ IMU sensors working together, your dozer will cut finish grade smoother and faster than ever. You can have this advantage on your 4-way, 6-way, fixed and pitch enabled dozer blades, offering you the maximum flexibility.

Available Models

John Deere – Only machines with 6-way blade configuration

  • 550K T4F
  • 650K T4F
  • 700K T4F
  • 750K T4F
  • 850K T4F
  • 450J
  • 550J
  • 650J
  • 700J
  • 750J
  • 850J

Komatsu – Only machines with 6-way blade configuration

  • D37/39-23 Base Dozer
  • D37/39-23 P&P Dozer
  • D51-22
  • D61-24

Caterpillar – Only machines with 6-way blade configuration

  • D3K2
  • D4K2
  • D5K2
  • D6N T4i
  • D6N T4F
  • D6T T4i
  • D6T T4F
  • D6K2 T4i