Millimeter GPS Grader - 3D

Working in a zone

Get in the zone. Where GPS flexibility meets laser accuracy.

Laser Zone™ — A unique coded laser creates a grade control zone with all the advantages of satellite positioning technology, along with the accuracy of a laser. You get enhanced accuracies with the superior performance and usability of Topcon standard machine control. Your GNSS survey rovers can also use the Laser Zone™ for all site survey work, and receive the same precision.

  • GPS + GLONASS coverage
  • Millimeter level accuracy
  • 2400 meter horizontal working range
  • 40 meter vertical working range
  • Multiple users in the same zone

Millimeter GPS Grader is perfect for:

  • Site Work
  • Road Work

Designed for multiple accuracy users

A full system set up features up to 4 transmitters for a large horizontal and vertical working window. It creates literally a working zone. Stay within the zone, grade control is at a millimeter-level. Outside the zone, grade control operates at a centimeter-level.

Millimeter GPS is designed to be used simultaneously by multiple fine grading machines and pavers as well as survey crews, where every millimeter counts. And all machines and rovers use exactly the same site plans as before.