X-52x Excavator - 2D

2D Excavation Essentials

Guide to Grade: Modern 2D excavator system with 3D upgrade readiness

A streamlined and modern excavation system that gets you to grade as a cost effective 2D solution. Our ruggedized LS-B10W laser receiver combined with compact TS-i3 tilt sensors allow you to stay on grade without having to ever re-string. To complete each task, the GX-55 control box actively indicates where your bucket needs to be and gives you an experience that was designed for your excavating skills. When future projects dictate GNSS location and precision, the X-52x system is easily upgradable to full 3D capable X-53x system. In addition, because it utilizes the latest 500kbps Baud Rate TS-i3 sensors and MC-X1 controller, it is also fully future-proofed and ready to support even more planned enhancements as they become available.

  • Increase safety by removing grade checker from the trench
  • Work from an existing elevation reference or laser
  • Easily upgradable to full 3D GNSS
  • Create, cut, and check complex designs from the cab
  • Easy-to-see cut/fill indicators

X-52x Excavator is perfect for:

  • Mass Excavation
  • Site Work
  • Landfill
  • Utility/Underground
  • Foundation and Exterior
  • Mining

Become One With Your Work

Today’s demand for a safe site is easily answered by incorporating our excavator systems to your daily tasks. We keep a man out of the hole and optimize digging to save you money and keep schedules on track. From digging underwater to blind cuts, we’ve got you covered with our bright LED grade indicators, graphical representation of the bucket’s position, and loud audible tones.

The X-52x excavator system gives you the flexibility to use a wide array of references to work from: existing surface, a hub, a previous cut, or a rotating laser. It’s as simple as choosing your reference and entering a cut and/or slope depth.