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Paving, Milling & Compaction

Paving has two watchwords: consistency and accuracy.

Paving is an unforgiving business. Work with Topcon precision, and they’ll be cheering instead.

Whether you use sonic control in 2D, or Millimeter GPS in 3D, Topcon invented them both and continues to lead with solutions that allow you to configure your paver for each job, and always get that famous Topcon accuracy.

Not only can Topcon help you hit grade very accurately, saving you on costly material, our control systems leave a smooth consistent finish. Use our entire suite, and improve the grade of the original road with minimal lifts of consistent thickness.

Using the best tools, designed exactly for the jobs you do, will make your operation more efficient and return you the profit you need to grow your business. Topcon systems allow you to start small and grow big. Components are interchangeable, and systems are highly configurable, so you can get the right system, and start growing at your speed.


Asphalt Paving