3D-MC Milling - Milling

Smooth surface from a design

Every millimeter too much is one too much. Mill only what needs to be milled.

3D Milling has changed the way milling has been done. Instead of milling thickness or reading out mill-marks on the road, a 3D design model is used to dictate the milling depth.

  • Millimeter level accuracy
  • 2400 meter horizontal working range
  • 40 meter vertical working range
  • Multiple users in the same zone
  • Mill horizontal, vertical or combined transitions

Predictable site logistics

The entire set up is a lot easier, as no string lines or physical references are needed anymore. It all works from Topcon Millimeter GPS technology and a 3D design. Both the design and accurate positioning system lead the milling crew to unmatched results.

3D Milling turns site logistics to a manageable and predictable process. Taking all physical references and potential obstacles out of the process, it all bottles down to an up-front prepared 3D model. The same model can be easily used as reference again for the paver that follows later.

3D-MC Milling is perfect for:

  • Milling