Drill Rig - 2D

Increase drilling efficiency

Get to the point faster: DR-53i saves operators time, costs and hassles of traditional drill rig workflows.

The DR-53i Drill Rig Indicate System provides navigation assistance, pattern design wizards and visible indicators letting operators know they are at the right spot and angle to start their hole. Design files can be uploaded, or 3D-MC lets the operator manually create or modify hole specifications. Sitelink3D adds additional capabilities including the ability to remotely share files or support the operator when training is needed or the unexpected occurs.

  • Support for different configurations:
    • Swing boom
    • Single or double boom
    • Extending/sliding feeder
    • Tilting feeder
  • Navigation assistance
    • Angle of attack
    • Direction of the feeder
    • Bullseye
  • Work from predesigned files
  • Create designs on the fly or via pattern creation wizard
    • Rectangular grid
    • Staggered rows
    • From points
    • Parallel to alignment
    • Automatic hole numbering
    • Depth from design surface
  • Remote support and file transfers via Sitelink3D Support Desk

Drill Rig is perfect for:

  • Mass Excavation
  • Site Work
  • Mining


  • Reduce surveying time, delays and costs
  • Less time spent marking holes and pounding hubs
  • Time spent in the cab is more efficient
  • File conversion and immediate upload of change orders
  • Minimize the need for additional personnel on job site
  • Volume calculation can reduce unexpected downtime and increase accuracy of estimates