3D-MC2 Grader - 3D

On grade — from the first pass

Finish sub layer: Double the speed. Double the accuracy.

3D-MC² allows performance to be up to 200% more effective than existing 3D systems — whatever the ground — whoever the operator. Saving time, fuel and money at every pass.

  • Inertial technology
  • GPS + GLONASS coverage
  • 100 Hz blade position update rate
  • 100 Hz hydraulic update rate

3D-MC² Grader is perfect for:

  • Site Work
  • Road Work

Easy to use, flexible 3D control

On site the pressure is always on. 3D-MC² takes away that stress as your motor grader will grade as fast as it can run in an unbeaten accuracy. Stay on top or even get ahead of schedule.

3D-MC2 Dozer Brochure