MAGNET Construct - MAGNET Field Solutions


Mobile control for your instruments: iOS and Android app for GNSS receivers and robotic total stations

A cloud-connected field controller software for positioning layout and as-built applications utilizing robotic total stations and GNSS devices. This mobile app provides a streamlined workflow with graphical, real-time positioning to any point, line, surface, or feature on your project site. You now have the option to work with a Topcon ruggedized controller or conveniently from a mobile device.

  • Mobile app for Android and iOS handheld devices
  • Built to control robotic total stations, GNSS receivers and Layout Navigator
  • Simple and easy-to-use visual interface
  • Excels at basic layout or advanced construction applications
  • Change language and terminology within seconds
  • Share files directly via email or through MAGNET Enterprise
  • Combine optical and GNSS survey (Hybrid) for efficient data collection

Easy subscription including cloud connectivity

MAGNET Vision provides visual aids on smart glass lenses and controls instruments via voice-command. Precisely lay out and measure points on a job site while increasing productivity and worker safety. The system is offered as an add-on to MAGNET Construct field controller software and utilizes third-party Vizux Blade smart glasses.

Easy subscription including cloud connectivity

Start using MAGNET Construct today by downloading it from the Google Play or Apple store, then purchasing a subscription from our dealers, and setting up automatic license renewal within the Topcon subscription manager. Each subscription includes MAGNET Enterprise cloud-based file storage, which also links to both Autodesk BIM 360 Docs and Bentley Projectwise.

MAGNET Construct is perfect for:

  • Topography & As-Built
  • Construction Survey/Layout
  • Layout & Survey
  • BIM for Construction