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Increase drilling efficiency

Get to the point faster: DR-53i saves operators time, costs and hassles of traditional drill rig workflows.

The DR-53i Drill Rig Indicate System provides navigation …

Modernize Your Excavating

Excavating With Optical Precision: No limitations excavate anywhere.

Expand your excavating capabilities with the innovative i53 LPS system. Using our powerful PS …

Conquer The Site

Increase Your Digging Power: Lightweight excavator system control.

This trim 3D excavator system provides you with modern tools when excavating complex slopes or “in the …

Accelerate your excavating: Speed, accuracy and control

Improve your Excavating Workflows and Productivity

3D machine control workflows improve the productivity, accuracy and profitability of …

2D Excavation Essentials

Guide to Grade: Modern 2D excavator system with 3D upgrade readiness

A streamlined and modern excavation system that gets you to grade as a cost effective 2D solution. …

Track productivity and drive profitability

You can go with the flow or control the flow. Remotely monitor loads, deliveries and equipment utilization.

Provide drivers with a completely …

Excavate with full potential

Connect and unleash the power of your excavator with a modern 3D control system. Guided by GNSS, you can make your grade anywhere on site without any additional …

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MAGNET software solutions, and Topcon’s partnerships with Autodesk and Bentley allow you to work seamlessly, increasing your productivity at …

Keeping YOU Safe
Safety is fundamental to all we do at Dobbs Equipment. The wellbeing of our employees, our families and all customers we serve is our top priority.

With coronavirus (COVID-19) …